CLASSE appeals to testimonies on police repression

The Ligue des droits et libertés, CLASSE’s Legal Committee and the Association des Juristes Progressistes gather to collect, by August 13, 2012, testimonies from students and citizens who, since the beginning of the student strike, have been subject to intimidation and police brutality, arrest, detention, or any accusation of retaliation and denial of access to public places or services because they wore a red square.

The three organizations intend to produce a report with the testimonies collected, thus permitting a more holistic view of the extent of police repression, judicial and political. We invite you to read the attached explanatory document (including an assistant memory to help you write your testimony) and send us your testimonials to

For more information please write to té or visit this Facebook event.

Nicole Filion, Ligue des droits et libertés (
Andrée Bourbeau, Comité légal de la CLASSE (
Sibel Ataogul, Association des juristes progressistes (

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