Fundraising campaign : Our hope and fight should last !

On strike against massive tuition hikes since more than a hundred days, Québec students are achieving the construction of a historical movement that will forge the future of the province. Despite the liberal’s arrogance and lack of consideration for the students demands, the youth of Québec had stayed mobilized and firmed on what they are fighting for : an education accessible to everyone.

Against the perseverance and determination of the students, the government reacted with a «bludgeon law» (bill 78) which restricts the right to demonstrate, the right of free expression and association. With this law, the government is fighting against something bigger than just the student unions: it’s going against the possibility for any citizen to freely contest decisions taken by the political power. Thus, the CLASSE decided to contest the juridical validity of this law.

Despite the law and the consequences for our organization, the CLASSE is determined to continue the struggle against tuition hikes. Unfortunately, after more than three months of general strike and the unpredicted costs of the juridical contestation of bill 78, we are facing a serious shortage of funds. This is a call-out for solidarity from any organizations or individuals willing to support us in our fight. Your help will be more than appreciated by the student movement of Quebec, that is already inspiring other movements around Canada to stand up and fight for our right to education.

Let’s make our hope and fight continue to shine!

You can send your contribution to the following adress :
Association pour une solidarité syndicale étudiante
2065, rue Parthenais, local 383
Montréal, Québec, Canada
H2K 3T1

The cheque should be made to the order of: ASSÉ

Letter: fundraising campaign

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