Demonstration on Saturday 14th

Public Demonstration – April 14th:
For a Quebecois spring!

Nine years, to the day, after the election of of the liberal government, while tens of thousands of students remain on strike for over 8 weeks against the announced massive increase in university tuition fees, the student movement is calling for a popular, citizens’ mobilization against the governments in place in Quebec City and Ottawa.

For too long, Liberals and Conservatives have done as they please. Cuts in social programs, taxcuts for corporations, record-shattering military expenditures, rollbacks on women’s rights, mass-firings, inaction in the face of factory closings, increasing the retirement age to 67, increases in tuition fees, the imposition of the « health tax », increase in Hydro Quebec rates… The list of injustices is too long!

While the gifts to the banks and the giant corporations multiply, the poorest members of society and the middle class are given the bill for an economic crisis for which the responsible parties are given a free pass.

April 14, 2012:
Nine years, to the day, since the election of the provincial liberal government of Jean Charest.
Two weeks after the release of the Harper budget.
Towards a Quebec spring!
If the strike is students’, the struggle must be popular!

The demonstration will start at 1pm,

in the Jeanne-Mance Parc (corner of Parc and Mont-Royal)

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